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  • Optimoi ja tasoittaa luonnolliset testosteronitasosi
  • Parannettu estrogeenien hallinta
  • Voi vähentää estrogeenin määrää miesten kehossa jopa 50%
  • Auttaa säilyttämään lihasmassan
  • Tehostaa palautumista ja voiman tuottoa
  • Hyödyllinen tuote jos testosteroni boostereita on käytetty pidempään.

Annoksia: 30-90
1-3 kapselia nautitaan nesteen kanssa ennen nukkumaanmenoa.

Ravintotiedot (1 kapseli sisältää):

6-Bromoandrostenedione 30mg
Cordyceps sinensis concentrate (20% Polysaccharides) 450mg
L-Histadine HCL 100mg
Grape seed extract (95% Procyanidolic oligomers) 50mg

FACT: Your hormones are completely out of balance during and after any anabolic cycle, and in many cases your body is no longer producing normal levels of its own natural testosterone potentially leading to losses in muscle and libido

Post Cycle Matrix is designed to help balance hormone levels during the period of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Post Cycle Matrix can decrease estrogen in males by as much as 50%.

Summary of Benefits:

- Optimize Natural Testosterone*
- Improved Estrogen Management*
- Improves Libido*
- Help Preserve Muscle Gains*
- Improved Strength, Recovery, & Lean Muscle*
- Ideal for OTC PCT (Over-the-Counter Post Cycle Therapy) or Natural Testosterone Enhancement Regimens

Cordyceps Extract &ndash This powerful extract has been demonstrated to increase LH which is one of the testosterone activators that is directly related to secretion of testosterone from the testes. It has traditionally been used for the enhancement on sexual performance in China for many centuries, which means that your libido gets a boost as well. Our extract is one of a kind and very potent, containing almost three times more active constituents than the widely used (7% active) commercial extract!

L-Histadine &ndash To compliment the increase of LH production from the Cordyceps, this compound acts to increase the responsiveness of the Leydig cells which use the LH to produce testosterone. These two components work together to jumpstart the Testosterone Feedback Loop back into production and finding your body's delicate balance. L-Histadine is a direct precursor to histamine which is an important component in the production of the testosterone activators and has been shown to increase the responsiveness of Leydig cells. (*note - anti-histamines, commonly used for seasonal allergy and illness, lower testosterone levels by an inverse mechanism and should be avoided during PCT when possible.)

Grape Seed Extract &ndash The first of a two-pronged approach to controlling estrogen. Grape seeds contain Procyanidin Dimmers which act to slow the mechanism of the conversion process10 of androgens to estrogen (aromatization). Control, not eradication of estrogen, is important when coming off a cycle and this grape seed extract will slow the process down to normal levels. The grape seed extract works synergistically with the 6-Bromodione to normalize estrogen levels. The extract that we use is very potent and contains not less than 95% PCO content! Grape Seed is also a fantastic anti-oxidant, almost 30x more effective than vitamin C.

6-Bromodione &ndash Excess estrogen is a huge problem post cycle which is ultimately affected by the increase in aromatase enzymes that the body produces in response to an increase in androgens while on cycle. Whether the product that you took can convert to estrogen or not, this excess aromatase will affect the natural testosterone production that we are trying to jumpstart. Without controlling the excess aromatase, as your natural testosterone production increases, it will be bombarded with aromatase and convert to estrogen. 6-Bromodione binds to the aromatase enzyme making it unable to convert androgens to estrogen. Post Cycle Matrix contains two separate forms (isomers) that work to control and normalize estrogen and aromatase levels.

1) 6-alpha-Bromodione is a fast acting competitive inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme. It works by binding to the aromatase enzyme to prevent it from aromatizing androgens. This is not a permanent binding and later acts to normalize aromatase (and thus estrogen levels) as hormone production returns to normal. It specifically targets aromatase and does not act as a central anti-androgen like some other post cycle products can. This means that your libido and mood will not be negatively affected.

2) 6-beta-Bromodione works in a similar way but has an irreversible and permanent effect. This works well to mediate the excess aromatase that was produced while on cycle, while the alpha isomer works to normalize the natural levels. The goal is again to transition into normal production levels for all hormones affected by the anabolic cycle.

Every ingredient was carefully researched, tested, and integrated in precise ratios to create the new standard for post cycle therapy products. Post Cycle Matrix will propel your hormones back to healthy levels quickly, allowing you to keep those hard earned gains and avoid the effects of the body's reaction to the end of an anabolic cycle.

Supplement Facts:
Serving size:

Take 1 to 3 capsules nightly

Per capsule serving:
Cordyceps sinensis concentrate (20% Polysaccharides)450mg
L-Histadine HCL100mg
Grape seed extract (95% Procyanidolic oligomers)50mg
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