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    Prozis - 100% Organic Coconut Oil, 460g

    Price9.90€ (price incl. tax 14%)
    Maksa osissa alk. 8.95/kk
    Availability In stock
    Manufacturer Prozis Sport


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    Coconut oil comprises a one-of-a-kind saturated fat, which is high in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). Because MCTs are digested more easily than other fatty acids, your body is more likely to use them as energy source rather than store them as body fat – and that’s good news for fitness enthusiasts everywhere!

    But there’s more to the benefits of this oil. In Asian culture, especially in India, coconut oil has also been used for moisturising skin and hair for centuries. And now, it’s a popular addition to a multitude of beauty products around the globe. So it’s just as good for nourishing your body as for enhancing your appearance.

    Ideal for healthy cooking

    Coconut oil is notably resistant to high temperatures, which makes it a good choice for baking, frying or roasting. It’s also an excellent substitute for shortening in baking, and adding just a little to your dishes goes a long way in terms of taste.

    Being a calorie-dense food, this oil is great for healthy weight gain, as well as for adding quality calories to your meals. Just mix a spoonful into your shakes or try some coconut popcorn for the next movie night — you won’t regret it.

    100% Virgin Coconut Oil

    Prozis Foods 100% Organic Coconut Oil is exclusively obtained from organically farmed coconuts through a cold extraction process that does not use high temperatures or harsh chemicals. To further ensure its purity, this oil is not hydrogenated, bleached, refined or deodorised. The result is a 100% organic virgin coconut oil with an unadulterated nutritional profile, bursting with flavour and aroma.

    Prozis Foods Organic Coconut Oil Highlights:

    • Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
    • Obtained from organically farmed coconuts
    • High saturated fat content — Rich in MCTs
    • Sugar, salt and GMO free
    • Heat stable oil, ideal for healthy cooking
    • Great addition to balanced weight gain diets
    • Suitable for Vegan, Kosher, and Halal diets
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